Valentino RED Fall/Winter 2013-14 Campaign Shoot Day

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

Valentino RED by Tim Walker

As mentioned in my previous post- I had the opportunity to intern with the Andy Hillman Studio a few months back. During my time there I was able to assist on a campaign shoot for Valentino RED-which was, at the time, ironic as I’d chosen to do a previous project based around Valentino a few months before.
I was lucky enough to assist in preparing for the shoot on location, in SNAP Studios witnessing everything from the set build to the final shoot, and of course packing everything down (including the biggest chandelier you have ever seen. Seriously, its box was bigger than me). SNAP Studios, located in central London has housed hundreds of high profile shoots.

Before working with Andy Hillman, I must have been pretty ignorant to how much work goes on behind the scenes of a shoot,I never would have guessed how much work and planning is actually involved in organizing a campaign shoot .

Hundreds of ( about to be) porcelain lookin' flowers. This required days of trial and error ladies and gents. 

So MANY skulls!
Even cute little ones! And my not so cute glue slathered hands.

Surprisingly all of the set building took place in the space of a day, it was hard to imagine that an entirely white space could be transformed in such a short space of time.

One of my favourite pieces on set was the bone chair. It was too amazing to not have a shout out, and although I was way too scared to even try sitting on it at the time, I was assured that the chair is definitely a lot more comfortable than it looks. Ikea take note so we can all have one of these at home please ? Thanks.

The Valentino RED Fall/Winter collection is heavily based around a " dark, sinister" version of popular fairytale Hansel and Gretel- much of which needed to be conveyed into the scenery, whilst still remaining minimal and modern. The use of white props and scenery really played on the clothing, which translated brilliantly to film.
Tim Walker was shooting the campaign and Valentino directors Pierpaulo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri were present for the whole shoot. As much as I wanted to massively fan girl that day, (ALL DAY) I managed to stay professional in their presence as it was important for me to make a good impression. - I did have a whole week for this to sink in thankfully.
I met some inspiring and creative, bouncy people and I really hope to be in a similar environment   after I graduate. So all yammering aside – here are some campaign photos -shot by Tim Walker, modeled by Hedvig Palm, Set Design and construction by Andy Hillman and Andy Knight.

Valentino RED by Tim Walker
Valentino RED by Tim Walker