Ciao Bella! Florence, Italy.

Friday, November 15, 2013 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

Hi everyone!

Just a few weeks ago, I visited Florence, Italy as part of a "study" trip. With all of my most urgent university deadlines out of the way myself and a few friends managed to cut a well deserved ( if i say so myself) break residing in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, Florence, Italy.

Anybody that knows me, will know visiting Italy has been at the top end of my bucket list, well er FOREVER...and not just because of the food, although that did not disappoint. Unexpectedly, Florence turned out to be a real eclectic mix of the modern city, fully equipped with all the bars, clubs and fashion hotspots you might need, with hipster vintage shops and boutiques around every little side street along with Florence's historical architecture.

Walking around Florence was something else entirely, with every street a new little gem with its own history and unexpected, unique beauty to the last.  I could not keep myself gawking at all of the architecture- and genuinely felt like I was walking through a movie scene at times, Florence manages to look so picturesque and just pretty that it looks way to perfect to touch (or to be real at least).


I am pretty sure I could go on all day, but I will let the  photos do the talking ! At the least, it was a very eventful trip and much needed change of scenery. Have you ever visited Florence? What did you think?

Bye for now!