Go Outside

Saturday, December 28, 2013 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

When looking for inspiration, we should all push to get out of our comfort zones a little, really look and analyse everything around us we would normally overlook.

I don't live in Birmingham, but I spend about 50% of my time there, and have never ventured out in to Digbeth- or at least on foot with so much free time, and lack of direction/map/wi-fi.  BUT this all ended so well, because without getting hopelessly lost, my friends and I would have never stumbled upon the amazing street art in Digbeth!

I really hope to have more experiences like this, finding unexpected art is always so exciting,  there is an air of mystery to the anonymity of street art, making the art so much more of a find, and so much more personal- allowing us as the viewer to interact and experience the artists work in a different environment. What about you? Have you ever come across something beautiful in an unexpected place ? How do you find inspiration? I'd love to hear!

Bye for now!