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Sunday, December 15, 2013 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

Without doubt, every fashion season has its hitters that everyone remembers, missers- that we remember for the wrong reasons, and those that are just so-so that we struggle to recall. The thing that I look forward to season after season are beyond the clothes presented . I can't help but get sucked in to the huge production side of fashion shows. I continually find myself eagerly waiting in anticipation in equal measures  for both the collections presented  and the shows production (sometimes more the latter). -- Of course I watch for the clothes first and foremost but its everything else that will stick with me.

 Our access to the world of high fashion has undoubtedly grown with the popularisation of social media- meaning one doesn't have to be at a presentation or show to experience it. As a result of this, the fashion show has grown into a more sensory, immersive experience.Recent years have seen technology and real life experiences work hand in hand to offer new experiences for show goers.

Personally, nothing beats seeing a show in real life. Streaming a show, whilst super useful,entertaining  and insightful for the millions of us that cannot personally attend fashion shows could never fully consolidate for watching a show in the flesh. At the same time - even though I am watching from behind a screen 97% of the time - it is the production of a show- the music,set, lighting, choreography that still inevitably sucks me in and makes me watch over and over obsessively .   

I thought this would be a great opportunity to revisit some of my favourite shows over the past few years, I'm sure it is pretty evident that I love a show with heavy production value. 


Karl can never do any wrong in my eyes. I am a huge fan of pretty much every show produced and can never ever fault his often inspired choice in music to accompany collections. Quite often Chanel shows will turn me on to a new artist  I never knew about but end up loving.   
F/W 2010

Alexander McQueen 

These shows are always epic in my opinion. . The clothes are as much theatre as the shows, and always  feel like they should be art installations as well as a fashion shows. 

Burberry of late have trail-blazed the tech route introducing new technology such as holograms and adding sensory experiences into their shows to further engage and inspire audiences. 

Kenzo S/S13
Kenzo cleverly incorperated water into an indoor show last season. Models were presented behind a waterfall like curtain of water, whilst during the show vats of water would boom in time with music to reinforce the modern yet naturist vibe of the sea inspired collection. 

The way a show has the ability to evoke such emotion really inspires me, and I really hope I'm lucky enough  to be involved in more after I graduate, as its something I am really passionate about. So far, I have only had a handful of backstage experiences which were super rewarding and equally crazy, here's hoping for many more of these experiences! 

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