New Year New Promises.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

It is finally January and with January inevitably comes resolutions, and drum role please... a generic resolutions post of course!

I manage to go to bed every night with the sole thought that I can make tomorrow better. Tomorrow I will write that essay, tomorrow I am going to do something new, pick up a book that is not in a series .

This year I have decided to come up with actual resolutions that I think are "doable", well they start off that way.

1. Wear more colour! - Ok not life changing, but wearing colour just makes me feel happier some days. Of late I have fallen into a monochromatic rut and stick to wearing a darker palette so I don't have to risk wearing brighter colours. When shopping I impulse buy super colourful pieces that are almost impossible to wear with anything else I own. EVER.

2. Learn to drive - this ones been coming on for the past three years. I did stick to this one January, for a grand total of 4 whole driving lessons. One lesson, my instructor taught me the proper way to open a door, the following three revolved around myself attempting to master the steering wheel. My hand eye coordination is not the best in the world. But I determined to get back on the horse!

3. Become Beyonce/Spencer Hastings/Blair Waldorf/Academic Genius -  I have a total of 5 months left of my degree, and am pretty determined to get through this last year and be happy with the end result, so fingers crossed!

4. Become fitter. Not to lose weight or become toned but purely to be fitter, healthier, more energetic. I want to be able to have enough stamina and energy to do anything I set out to do and be super productive without being tired getting in the way.

5.  Come up with better New Years Resolutions to start over tomorrow.