Set Designer : Shona Heath

Sunday, April 20, 2014 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

Quite often, the people behind the scenes are forgotten or completely unappreciated for all of the work they put in when it comes to fashion photography. I really feel like this is the case with fashion set designers. While the photographer is rightly billed and credited, as are the models, not many people go beyond that to look at the other contributors to these great images.  
Set designers create and build the worlds and stories we see in magazines, on film, tv, even theatre. One of my favourite set designers is Shona Heath. Fashion set designer Shona Heath has worked with the likes of Dior, Valentino and Tim Walker to name a few. Continuously pushing boundaries, it is supirisng that Heath didn't always plan to be a set designer. Heath explains to The Guardian : "I was doing costumes for pop videos and decided I wanted to do backgrounds. I didn't even know it was called a set." 

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