The Wolf of Wall Street Costumes

Monday, February 24, 2014 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

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I finally watched the much hyped (and rightly so) Wolf of Wall Street, so I thought I would do a costume/review post. Honestly, I was not expecting much fashion wise- arrogantly assuming that the cast would be in boring suits for the majority of the flick. Not expecting much from the menswear I was shocked at the authenticity the costumes brought to Wall Street (well, what i'd imagine it to be like), perfectly executing the image of a "get rich quick" generation. With a largely male led cast within the Wall St environment, all wearing suits, costume designer Sandy Powell differentiated each cast member perfectly.

When costuming for such an excessive, money hungry set of characters, Sandy aimed to convey the "vulgarity involved in people wearing the most expensive clothing because it's expensive rather than tasteful or attractive." 

The most of the guys were decked out in 90's Armani power suits perfectly suited to the cutthroat stock broker environment in which the movie revolved around. Suits exuded power, changing the viewers perception of an individuals importance, social status and most important to the film, their wealth, even at times serving as intimidating. Lots of pinstripes and paisley were involved...

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“The era
of power dressing on Wall Street projected tremendous amounts
of resolute strength.” Sandy Powell, Costume Designer on The Wolf of Wall Street.

I am a longtime Jonah Hill fan, and this is hands down his best film performance, he somehow managed to combine his comedic roots with a more serious undertone, I found myself pitying but hating Hill's Donnie, then loving his comedic relief all at the same time.  

A contender for a favorite piece within the whole film, this shirt right here, it looks like something I might have owned as a kid BUT I love it , and its so on trend for springs pastel palette.  Although paired with such light denim might be something only the 90's could handle. 

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The Wolf of Wall Street also served as a great platform for Aussie newcomer Margot Robbie. 
 In a recent interview with the Wire , Sandy commented  : (Margots')  "Naomi really displays her earth in her clothes, wearing the latest fashions from the best designers, although not always in the most tasteful way. If she wore Versace, it would be from head to foot," 
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Since watching The Wolf of Wall Street, I have become fascinated with Jordan Belfort's story, at his success, optimism, downfall, and at times his sheer luck, as well as his ability to survive through everything he has been through, self inflicted or not. 
If you hadn't already guessed, I highly recommend this movie, although it's not one to watch with the parents!