Monday, May 05, 2014 Sarah Unes 2 Comments

Of late, I have been pretty preoccupied with my dissertation. After much stress and the smallest amount of sleep possible, I can happily say it is over (nearly). So to reward myself I made a few purchases from Being new to the site myself, I am going off recommendations from a friend who noticed a sold out dress I've been lusting after from Zara. Safe to say I may have gone a little overboard upon noticing all of the designer/Zara/Mango copies for a fraction of the price . It would be pretty foolish to  expect Zara/Mango quality however, I would happily go back to Sheinside if my items live up to my expectations- there are still dozens of items in my wishlist/basket! 

The website itself was super easy to navigate- I personally loved the Lookbook feature, which allows you to see the clothes on people- saving lots of time I would normally spend googling products before purchasing. If that wasn't enough of an incentive, first time customers logging in with Facebook get 20% off! While I still have a 10 day wait for my items to arrive, I  am lining up my next purchases already, so here's hoping the items I have ordered are of a decent quality! 


  1. Sheinside always has some lovely stuff but I always wonder whether the quality is good or not. Hope your items are good for you :)

    1. I hope so too everything is so pretty, it feels too good to be true! I will keep you posted ;)