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Paris, has always been hands down the best city I have visited. To me, being in Paris means carelessly wandering the Champs Elysée, Avenue Montaigne or Rue Saint Honore (all the shopping streets I cannot afford).  Or perhaps blowing all of my money at Laduree (always so worth it), watching well off designer clad girls tot around the cobbles in heels balancing newly purchased Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino bags on both arms . One day maybe. This was my second time in Paris - I feared I might get bored of it, visiting a second time, after covering most tourist attractions the first time, although, I was happily proven wrong, and of course, immediately missed it on my return home. Apologies in advance for my awkward photo faces, they cannot be helped..

Day One

Before this trip I had never visited a Disneyland ever, and have always wanted to go on account of how much I actually love Disney in reality. I've basically been waiting my entire life to go to Disneyland. After visiting Disneyland Paris I am pretty intent that I will visit many other Disney attractions because it was amazing and also Crush's Coaster is the best ride I've ever been on. So of course my entire first day was (well) spent at Disneyland Paris.

Day Two : All the tourist attractions...

Wearing my current favourite -Barry M Gelly Nails in Prickly Pear 

Dress : Zara copycat from Sheinside  || Sandals : New Look 

I was desperate to wear this eye print dress from Sheinside. Although the material is a fairly thick neoprene and the dress features a polar neck --so it may not have been the wisest of choices for a day of walking around a swelteringly sunny Paris. BUT I got so many compliments in this dress so it was all worth it.  I often have such a problem with sandals-whilst being a well needed staple for any summer wardrobe, they do not mix with city breaks and the  boundless amount of walking and wandering that follow. On a search for a sandal that would allow me to walk around all day, I ended up *settling* for these New Look sandals found in the Generation 915 department- (the shoes are sometimes the same as the "adult" counterparts just alot cheaper and offer up to a size 6) . In terms of settling - I also needed a basic black sandal. To my surprise I ended up wearing these all week as they were just so comfortable. Thank you New Look! I'm a bit fussy when it comes to sandals - they cannot be completely flat, or flip flops because I tend to do a lot of walking.

Maison Pradier snacks 
Day Three : Palace of Versailles

No visit to Paris would be complete without visiting Versailles, I say this after missing out on my first visit because it was closed! After melting in an hour long que, we finally got inside. Once home to Marie Antoinette, the palace walls hold an incredible amount of history. I like to walk around and pretend I live there, until I am shoved away by the huge packs of other tourists, probably doing the same thing. While viewing the chambers of Marie Antoinette, I had overheard a (crazy) grown man explaining that "this was the room they came to make the children, the King and Marie- with 70 people watching".  Clearly, visiting Versailles provided invaluable history lessons via other tourists too. History lessons aside, the palace was beautiful as were the gardens redesigned by Marie herself. The details within the palace need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated, I read somewhere I am failing to recall presently that "not one part of Versailles has not be changed or altered 20 times". Wow- my kinda place.

Myself and Charlotte outside Versailles 

Marie Antoinettes' chambers

China at Versailles exhibit 

Top : River Island || Skirt : Asos || Star Necklaces : Topshop & H&M || Bag : H&M

Happy little street cat that had no qualms with any public interaction.. 

I cannot for the life of me remember what this park was called- it was full of beautiful sculptures  and even had a funfair.  As well as this the space housed lounge chairs for visitors to use to sit and sketch or simply enjoy the view.  Myself and Charlotte chose to lounge around scoffing macaroons before heading back to our hotel after a busy day. Of course, after going on all of the rides at the fun fair. 

Day Three : Rainy day spent in the Louvre, I could spend all day in there, and Laduree. 

Also my first ever visit to Laduree in Paris! With a que stretching out the door, we opted to sit in and eat inside. The luxurious interiors - including the toilets as well as the amazing food was enough for us to revisit another two times after out first visit. I have been desperately craving Laduree's macaroons ever since I came home which has resulted in several disastrous attempts at making them myself.  I cannot recommend this place enough, if you are ever in Paris, make sure to grab dessert there. I am currently making excuses for myself to go to London purely to visit Laduree's London offerings. Yes all of the upcoming food photos are quite necessary. 

Excuse the awful quality! Laduree's bar reminded me of an enchanted ice queens castle, finished with a lot of glitter and butterflies! So of course this is the only photo I have! 

Our last few days were spent shopping,eating, people watching of course as well as visiting the Sacre-Coeur Love Lock bridge and Moulin Rouge which was actually just down the street from our hotel. Thankfully this was a long street- I naively dismissed all of the sex shops and strip clubs that would likely be around the Moulin Rouge.  There were also so many couples either just married or getting married over our time in Paris! I actually saw a bride and her photographer walking barefoot down the Champs Elysees! 

Some advice for Love Lock bridge -BRING A SHARPIE and buy a lock before you get there, not like us, resorting to "borrow" a guys markers whilst he distracted an annoyed lock salesman.  If you are trying to throw your keys into the river, make sure that you give them a really good throw as 2/3 times our keys were caught on the railings of the bridge! Luckily the lock came with 3 sets so we had lots of chances... 

Memorial service at the Arc de Triomphe

And that concludes my super long photo diary from Paris, I really hope to go back very soon. Have any of you visited Paris this summer ? Any recommendations on different things to do that are a little off the beaten track? Or even any food recommendations, I'd love to hear!

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