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A major throwback today, I am clearly a year behind with this post, but since this blog didn't exist... 

It's been over an entire year (and a half!) since we all found out Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl all along and watched all of the happily ever afters of our favourite Upper East Siders, I thought it would be fitting to have a post dedicated to the very best of Gossip Girls fashion. (I have also been using all of this free time to catch up with the entire series, clearly a very good use of my time,  if anyone has any other series recommendations I would welcome them with open arms..) 

Gossip Girl became synonymous with the word fashion. There is no doubting the influence Gossip Girl held and still holds over fashion, from the very beginning to the extremely high fashion end,by which time designers begged costume designer Eric Daman to dress Serena or Blair or any of the cast in their clothes, noticing the massive effect a character could have over millions of viewers, Bloomingdales reported they "couldn't keep the show's clothes on the shelves", while celebrities and designers flocked to guest star on the show. Hey there was even a Gossip Girl inspired line for Target courtesy of Anna Sui.

The show that made anyone watching want to pack up and live in New York aimed to serve as a guide; what clothes to wear, what music to listen to, Dawn Ostroff, former CW Entertainment Chief commented :People watch the show the way they read a magazine: They want to know where to get the clothes, where to get the music and where to go in New York.  A pretty fresh outlook for a show, considering it began way,way back in 2007? I find that, currently there is such a lacking for a show like this, aimed at such a wide demographic- a show/series that is successful in covering all the fields important to us as consumers such as travel, music, fashion and of course social media  alongside having entertaining  plot linesGranted, somewhere in between the tail end of season 3 and 5/6 Gossip Girls plot lines lagged a little, even leaving a lot to be desired at times- but nevertheless the series still served as a brilliant insight into fashion, music or culture in a way most of us could probably never fully acknowledge here in the real world. 

Lets start off with Taylor Momsens' Jenny Humphrey, she literally housed one of the biggest transformations on the show (on screen and off) starting off as Little J from Brooklyn to Jenny Humphrey the power house designer with a pretty distinctive style to match. Jenny Humphrey's story was one of my favourite arcs- she felt the most relatable, beginning as an outsider to the upper east side, selling her belongings and doing near enough anything just to fit in, it also helps she wasn't completely loaded from the beginning of the show. ( I know, I know, what about Dan Humphrey you say! But its nice to have a girls perspective, right?) As you can probably predict I was pretty sad when Jenny left New York considering she was once being considered for her own spin off. Jenny came with so much drama after all, but I will stop there to ensure this doesn't turn into a Jenny-really-needed-end-up-with-Nate-post. 

Jenny's style was the most British street style in a sense, post season one of course, although I would leave all that eye make up to Taylor;  i'm not so sure I could ever pull that off without wiping it all over my face and clothes, but she still looks flawless. Some of my personal favourite Jenny looks, her cotillion dress and hair are to die for. Every time I see this I want long mermaid hair. And anytime Jenny wears a hat, or a gown too- I also want that... 

I could/ can never fault this lady. Any outfit Blair ever wore, as Leighton Meester so rightly put it, "were only outfits Blair could have put together". I couldn't agree more, and while some would argue Blake Lively's Serena van der Woodsen often upstaged Blair by managing to look a bit "inappropriate" for a 16-18 year old girl, I beg to differ.  Hands down, Blair Waldorf had some of the best outfits in the entire show. Maybe I should start with all the couture, or even her ever alternating school uniform,  any dress she wore to a party, or the fact she basically lived in heels over her stint at W Magazine ( AGAIN HOW?) .  I really wish I could get away with dressing like her all the time but I could never survive my clumsy life. 

Blair exuded confidence and her fashion choices emitted her personality and character development perfectly, striving to be an overachiever no matter how loaded she already was. I also loved the fact she would dress for a scheme or mission accordingly, she had such a sense of purpose all the time which gave Blair more of a comedic side.  If I actually posted ALL of my favourites, I think i'd be here all day as there is no episode that fails fashion wise.  Blair is my personal best dressed, if you hadn't guessed that too. 

Yep there were that many I had to split it.. this is definitely not everything, and I have most defiantly missed so many... I have an ever-growing growing Pinterest board for GG's style. 

The wedding dresses too ? Both so Blair, but personally, I hold preference to the powder blue Elie Saab number featured in the very last episode, it was an inspired choice for a wedding dress, although Leighton looked etherial in both. 

Blake Lively's Serena van der Woodsen; the Upper East Side's often completely misunderstood "it" girl . Serena's boho style caught the eye of countless designers. Serving as the carefree, somewhat effortless protagonist we are presented with so many style evolutions. From her pretty awesome "school uniforms" (wish I could have dressed like that at school) , that ongoing love of anything embellished or regardless-of-situation- body-con obsession - Lively pulls it all off with ease. Admittedly her style made a little less sense in terms of consistency in comparison to Blairs, perhaps due to  Serena's style evolving  with her character/social/relationship status so frequently- but nevertheless perfectly! 

Georgina aka uber (evil) Blair, could getaway with saying and doing everything and anything she wanted. While she pretty much did anything she could to destroy, Georgina also served comic relief - and had that redeeming quality in the sense that she clearly wanted to be accepted and befriended and at times. Without stepping into Jenny Humphrey territory, her style was dark glamour to the extreme. 

His style rivalled most male characters on the show, and deftly challenged whatever I thought any businessman would ever wear.  While Chucks' clothing choices were often questionable and kind of unpredictable over the first two seasons (anyone remember that basketball outfit? No? I'll remind you...) , he really came into his own mid season two. 

OK, ok a bit of a cheat here lumping these two together, especially considering how differently both dress! While Nate gravitated towards polo shirts, jeans and the occasional suit and tie- he was like the poster boy for all-american-style just stepping out of a Ralph Lauren campaign. Whereas Dan stuck to flannel shirts,t-shirts and skinny jeans perfectly distinguishing his budding writer status against the likes of Nate and Chucks somewhat "privileged" attire.   

So thank you Eric Daman for providing us with so much fashion inspiration over six seasons of Gossip Girl.. and The Carrie Diaries, and hopefully many, many more shows/movies to come! Do you have a favourite look from the show?

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