Berlin Photo Diary

Monday, September 29, 2014 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

A lot less exciting than adventures in abandoned theme parks, I thought I'd share a little photo diary of my short time in Berlin doing really touristy things like visiting museums, cathedrals and of course the Berlin wall! Excuse the frizzy hair - this is down to no GHD's for 5 days- a pretty good feat for me.

My first ever visit to a cafe entirely dedicated to chocolate. You can't really see it here but this little sculpture is fully made out of chocolate. And yes a shop assistant did approach me, just to make sure I wasn't actually eating this. If you are ever in Berlin, go to Fassbender & Rausch because its lifechanging.

Looking thought provokingly at the Berlin wall. Reading personal accounts of those affected by the wall really brought an eeriness as well as an emptiness to the whole space, that I ignorantly did not expect.  The wall, flagged with memorials for those that lost lives. ages ranging from 1/2 years and under to 100. Memorials all over Berlin in fact - the town centre- the metro lines and stations- parks ensure that none of these lives or sacrifices are ever forgotten by residents or tourists in Berlin. 

Cathedral visits and Museum Island, I've lost count of all the museums we managed to cover- from the DDR and history museums to art and fashion galleries Berlin has something to offer for almost everyone.

Spreepark and street food!

Have you ever visited Berlin? Maybe you have some suggestions of things to do for next time!  It's become a place that I previously assumed was just going to be sausages and the Berlin Wall to a city I would happily revisit (for lychee mojitos and to explore everything on Abandoned Berlin of course) .