Girl In The Pearl Swing Earring

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

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I'm not much of an earring girl, and if I am, I like to keep it pretty simple as I've got really long hair most of the time that I will generally wear out- and also a small head so large earrings just make me look like i'm drowning or channelling Pat Butcher. But a trend I have recently spotted emerging in highstreet stores from street style , celebrities and catwalks alike are swing earrings- pearl swing earrings to be precise. I love pearls but often find it difficult to wear them without feeling like they are ageing me - or without it looking like I am trying to be super posh, or just feeling like they are a really safe choice.  This latest update has made it so much easier to wear pearls ( well, for me anyway, I'm not sure if any of you have this problem!) .

The latest flurry of pearl offerings from the high street offer just the right amount of carefree elegance I'm looking for. The key is the tiniest detail, making all the difference with any look if you are going for all out glamour or a casual trying without trying to hard look. At the moment I am absolutely loving these pearls paired with chunky knitwear as pictured above. These pearls stay opulent without becoming too much, and are set to huge this season, seen at Chanel, Ashish and Dior.  For those of us that cannot afford Dior's front and back pearl earrings or Sophie Bille Brahe's to die for pearl  bar earrings, I have compiled my top high street picks. Pre-warning, Asos dominates this list!

1. Zara || 2. Asos || 3. Asos || 4. Asos  || 5. River Island || 6. Bloomingdales || 7. Asos || 8. Zara || 9.Asos  || 10. New Look || 11. Nelly || 12. Nasty Gal
If you are feeling super creative, I came across this great tutorial by A Pair & A Spare inspired by back and front pearl earrings worn by the likes of Emma Watson and Rihanna.

Aside from the Bloomingdales pair all of these are essentially under £10 so I will most definately be snapping up a few.. ok I already have, the River Island pair and 2 pairs from Asos.  Will you be going for any pearl earrings this Autumn?