Monday, September 22, 2014 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

After three slow but fast years, and a love/hate relationship with university,  I finally graduated with all the amazing people I've met the past three years.  I know these ceremonies are typically long and overall looked at as a little boring, I actually loved every minute and it all left me feeling a little nostalgic - I no longer have an easy excuse to see these girls every few days. In all honesty it was a little more exciting that Gok Wan was graduating with us, receiving an honorary degree.  As each student made their way across the stage he would check out the shoes they were in first, standard Gok! And all the tutors in strange gowns, and as my friend pointed out the mayor of Birmingham dressed like a pirate. Day made. Also I felt like I was going to Hogwarts in that robe- another reason to recite every robe related quote from Harry Potter? Yes please.. 

Of course, we were all really worried about tripping over our gowns and or shoes. I hadn't actually worn these shoes yet but they were surprisingly comfy. I've never really been overly into pointy shoes for some reason- but I love these and received so many compliments on them. I picked something that would stay on my feet but were not too heavy to lessen the likelihood of falling. As for the dress, I tried to go colourful but not too brash and ended up with this silk cloud print Warehouse dress, which you can hardly see in any of these photos!

All week I had been reciting that scene from the Lizzie McGuire movie (remember that?! ) to strangers, my hairdressers, or anyone that would listen. You know the one,  where Lizzie graduates, trips on stage and tears down practically the whole stage display. For your viewing pleasure .... 

Thankfully, a distracting name fluff  ensured I completely forgot about my nerves as I made my way across the stage trying to stifle laughter as oppose to concentrating on my footwork. 

A great ending to an eventful three years that I won't forget anytime soon, and a massive congratulations to everybody graduating and having to become a grown-up this year!