La Roche Posay Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish System Review

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 Sarah Unes 2 Comments

There has been sooo much hype around La Roche Posay ranges of late. After seeing countless blogger reviews and YouTube adverts with the likes of models to YouTubers like Tanya Burr and Zoella recommending the range, I made my way right to Boots for to go and get myself some of this product.  I'd say my skin is normal to dry around winter months- but there is not one point I can remember within the past three years where my skin has been entirely perfect- where on I wouldn't have a scar, or a spot or red patches.  Prior to trying La Roche Posay products I had been using No.7's Beautiful skin range, which worked really well- for about a month until my skin just stayed the same ( I assume it got used to the product?). I wanted something that would actively improve my skin so invested in this new range.

While I had initially only set out to buy the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (+), which promises to reduce existing scarring and spots, I ended up buying the 3 step Anti-Blemish System, on an introductory offer at Boots, £32.50 for the pack,  which included a purifying cleanser and a mattifying toner as well as the duo.

I always expect to break out when using new skincare products as I feel like its flushing it all out- (which I did) before the product starts to do its job.  After this- I had a bit of a clear period after using the range a little over a week and after a month of using the range I feel like my skin has improved slightly. A few spots appeared on parts of my face I just never get them ( cheeks, nose) which was not fun, but the Effaclar Duo (+) did help get rid of them a lot quicker than without. While my skin is noticably brighter, softer and my skin tone is more even and is never dry anymore. Although I did buy this range in the hope it would help reduce spots - which I feel like it has to an extent.

Looking back at before photos my face is a little more marked than it was before in terms of little temporary scars caused by blemishes, but old scars have faded or started to. My skin takes to my make up better, and I wake up with really soft skin . The few spots that it did cause ( I never get spots on my cheeks or near my nose, although through using this lots of painful, under the skin spots would emerge) did start to disappear slightly after using the Duo (+).

If anything- the Duo (+) was the hero product as it works as a great make-up base and despite feeling a bit thin on application is a great moisturiser, while the cleanser and toner kept my skin feeling fresh and clean, working as great make-up removers. Aside from all of this, the 3 step anti blemish system- which is made and tested on acne prone skin did not really improve my skin when it comes to spots. My skin is more or less the same in that department.

In addition I also purchased the anti blemish soothing moisturiser. I would use this moisturiser as a make up base when my skin was feeling a little dry. The moisturiser was fantastic at its job, despite a bit of a rough consistency in comparison to the Duo.

Honestly I feel slightly let down by this range, I never expected miracles but I did expect to see a visible improvement to my spots especially after using it for a month. It is not groundbreaking but I don't hate the products and do not mean to rant at all and will continue to use the Duo (+) to target blemishes and scars. Everyone has different skin and this was just my experience.  I am now on the hunt to try something else that will actively help my skin against blemishes- so am open to any suggestions. How were your experiences with La Roche Posay products?