Style Inspiration : Kylie Jenner

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Sarah Unes 3 Comments

Images : instagram/kyliejenner
Kylie Jenner is having a moment. Not only was she just named one of 2014's most influential teens - largely due to her huge social media following, but she has also instigated everyones current obsession with MAC's Velvet Teddy lipstick and Whirl lip pencil, which have now sold out online.

I have never been the biggest follower of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.. until recently.
Anyone with eyes can see they have upped their fashion game over the past two years. I have actually taken to watching really old episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians (it started off as noise in the background whilst working and now I love it) and the transition is astounding...of course it was 2007.

While the fashion world has its focus on Kim and Kanye, with Kendall now a regular fixture at fashion week,  its the youngest Jenner that catches my attention time and time again. She is effortless in a way her sisters are not, carefree and less polished so in turn a little more relatable. Kylie has that fun, edgy fashion sense contrasting with the clean cut styles we often see from her siblings. She seems SO comfortable in her own skin, especially for a 17 year old.

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Yes, I own this pinafore, but here are a few Kylie inspired pieces that are a bit more suited to winter weather.  While I am pretty certain you could probably get your hands on complete copycats of Kylie's looks on Ebay.

1. PINAFORE // 2. COAT // 3. JUMPER // 4. HAT // 5. SHOES // 6. BAG 

I love all of these but my favourites have to be the Zara boots, and brushed Topshop coat! 


  1. Looooove those boots from Zara! <3 I want!!

  2. Absolutely obsessed with Kylie's style! Thank you for sharing this!

    xx Emma,