10 Things to do in Prague

Friday, April 17, 2015 Sarah Unes 1 Comments

Over Easter a few friends and myself ventured into the Czech Republic, more specifically Prague for a little Easter break. I absolutely hold my hands up - I didn't have the greatest knowledge of Prague, and in the run up to my visit really wondered what on earth we would end up doing there. So for those of you- like me pre Prague, I've written up a little checklist of things you should do- and shouldn't in Prague in the event you are visiting! 

I never anticipated Prague being as cheap and affordable as it was, and coming back to the UK was a bit of a sting. We hired an apartment from Airbnb - it was my first time using it but I'd highly recommend it. Apartments on Airbnb were the same price as some of the hostels around Prague - and why have one hotel room when you can have an apartment, and unlimited wifi more importantly.  

1. Have breakfast at Cafe Savoy. The decadent interiors, the service and not to mention the food is perfect. For a cheaper option try Cafe Lounge.

photo : tasteofprague.com

2. Watch the Astronomical Clock chime , after all, it's one of the last one of its kind  in the entire world. 

3. Go up the Astronomical clock; all the way to the top for a panoramic view of Prague, its well worth the price. 


4. Walk across the Charles Bridge at night ( its a lot less crowded).

5. Visit the Charles Bridge at sunrise if you are feeling brave, its well worth the early wake up call I promise. 

6. Visit the NASA exhibition to ride space simulators and feel queasy (at a bit of a price). Run around the nearby fair thats always empty and super cheap.

7. Have nighttime drinks on a boat. Any boat, there are hundreds with live music most nights and are free to board, and have the best nighttime views of the river. 

8. Have drinks at the Swing Bar. There are actual swings to play on. And sample Absinthe and cocktails at Hemingway Bar.

9. Visit old town square and take in the buzzing atmosphere. then venture on to the Powder Tower, Cathedral and Prague Castle for stunning architecture. 

10. Try an Escape game. This was my first time with my friends, and was so much fun that we are planning to go do more escape games in Budapest and London! 

Have you visited or are planning a trip to Prague? What did you think/do on your visit? 

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  1. I visited Prague not so long ago and i tried an escape game called MindMaze. I would recommend it to everybody it was so much fun. This actually was my first escape game experience but made me want to try others too.