Photo Diary: Adventures In Prague

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

If you have read my previous post at all, then you'll know I took a trip to Prague. Everytime I go away anywhere, I feel like I should take pictures, but actually taking the photos ? I either :

A: neglect to completely- I'm living in the moment ok?
B: take photos with a phone which are actually pretty awful quality.

For that reason, I have resolved on purchasing a camera this year. Especially after this trip. With photo opportunities at every corner, Prague is the perfect place for any snap happy people out there. So apologies in advance for the photo quality!  Especially as Prague is the sort of place I would recommend anyone to wander, as you will always find something fun to do or see where ever you end up.

On arrival into Prague, we were exhausted. The flight was incredibly short but the travel up to the airport on Easter Sunday took its toll. Also not sleeping because I am awful at packing sensibly. 

Our host was no where to be seen at the agreed time at the apartment,  so instead of standing outside, cases in tow we decide to enter an old, unlit building with the door cracked open on a hunch this was the right building. (The street signs were pretty unclear).  We manage to find the name of the apartment owner we are renting from on a postbox in this creaky old building. Its like the start to a horror movie ; five girls wander into a dark mysterious building , with flickering lights and a strange old lift that I'd only ever seen in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Although I did half expect Frank.N.Furter to appear.

The police enter the building, glare and walk past us in a confused manner. They have guns, like visible guns on them. What ?

They knock on the door of the apartment we unknowingly will be staying in.
Dogs bark angrily, the Police check another apartment, the police leave and shut us in the building.

And our host emerges , shows us around the apartment, tells us all the best places to go for nightlife and where its super lax to buy drugs? Um.. ok. I didn't realise how lax Prague was with, well everything.

After a strange encounter with the Prague police on entrance to our apartment in the shadiest building opposite the famous dancing buildings we explore the area and the Charles Bridge.

The next day we wander into central Prague, visit the Astronomical Clock tower, lots of Jewish Synagogues and memorials. Its snowing. Visiting the Synagogues and memorials were understandably quite sullen and eye opening, Jewish graveyards would house thousands of bodies in the tiniest of places.

To lighten the mood we visit the Easter markets, drink lots of hot wine and hot chocolate, and in my nature, I spill it all over my new wool jumper. Typical. It was worth it. It's now weirdly sunny so we decide to go to the top of the Astronomical Tower. It's beautiful up here, and understandably laden with tourists.

We come across a mirror maze. In hindsight, the mirror maze is actually quite small, and sort of a tourist trap, but it's still hilarious to see my friends falling about walking into each other and into mirrors every two seconds. There was also a kaleidoscope exhibition in a fully mirrored room - we end up spending this whole time trying to take selfies with our hundreds of reflections- that doesn't work- its too dark.

We end up at a string of odd themed bars - (like a James Dean Bar, submarine themed bar.. ), then on a jazz boat. We were then chased down Charles Bridge by a strange man with a tassled stick outside a torture museum trying to hit every woman in his path. Bizarre.
This was confusing. This was actually an Easter tradition in Prague, as we learned in the days to come. On Easter Monday the men carry these sticks and hit women on the backs of their legs, - this is supposed to promote health and youth to those hit by them.  Who knew ?

Within the next few days we venture out to Prague Castle, Cathedral, and the Powder tower. We also make sure to visit Zizkov tower- which was used to block television signals from the West when the Czech Republic was under communist power, and is now covered in huge faceless, crawling baby statues created by sculptor David Cerney.

A few of us have a secret obsession with space so we make sure to visit the NASA exhibition, which is a little further out but completely worth all of the space training simulators. And the nearby suspiciously, completely empty fun fair. 

On the last day, we visit a Death museum because why not? And then try out an Escape Game. This basically involves being locked in a themed room, and you have an hour to figure out how to escape. It did prove pretty challenging for us but we finish in the nick of time. Along with a lot of eating and exploring, and lack of photos that concludes my trip to Prague! 

I'm really looking forward to exploring more this Summer (With a real camera and not my iPhone)!