The Go-To Bag

Thursday, August 20, 2015 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

I’ll start with saying this is probably a pretty ridiculous intro to a blog post because I’m writing about a bag related problem, with my bag sitting in front of me, and to be honest I’m not sure many people have this problem, oh hey first world problems . Everyone has that one bag they carry around all the time, the go to right? Well my last go to bag, I had owned and used daily since I was fifteen.
From the top L-R : Topshop Mini Berners Holdall // Stella McCartney Star Mini Babybella Shoulder Bag // New Look Winged Tote Bag // Zara Studded City Bag // Zara Combined City Bag with Buckle  // Kenzo Mini Kalifornia chain clutch // River Island Yellow Large Satchel // Aspinal of London Trunk Patch Clutch bag

It was a black/ greying hobo looking sack.  I’d try and replace it ALL the time but would always end up with the same basic, faded black mess. All of the bags I'd buy were probably a) really, really bad quality, b) a completely decent bag that has simply imploded from me over-stuffing it. Does anybody else have this problem every few months ?

What I’m trying to say is that a good bag really does make the biggest difference, it makes you look more put together so to say, but its something I find pretty hard to find - a sturdy, but not too boring bag that I love. I have finally replaced said old, crackled,peeling sack I carried around obsessively for six years, and I wish I’d replaced it sooner. This bag has to be big enough, not too big,  it has to preferably have an across the body strap because I like having my hands/arms free, and can't be too boring looking.

The moral of this story : just buy the bag.