Ten Things to do in Rome

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 Sarah Unes 0 Comments

(Super tourist version, sorry.) As most of you will know already, I took a little trip to Rome recently. It was my first time in the city, so my trip was predictably filled with all of the tourist spots and movie scene spotting from Roman Holiday to the Lizzie McGuire Movie- classic right? So here is my no means definitive list of what to do in Rome. Or at least, what I did and what I wish I did. The wish part because don't we all come back from a holiday, wishing we had more time or discovering all of these cool places and spaces you missed out on? Well I do.. 

1. The Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheatre) 

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This Colosseum is probably one of Rome's many ,many  tourist draws. To avoid the quest I suggest buying a joint ticket at the Ancient Ruins literally right next to the Colosseum. The deconstructed Colosseum eerily reveals all of the lower levels which held prisoners, slaves and fighters. It is also the largest Amphitheatre ever built!

2.The Roman Forum

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It took me the whole day to go through all of these ruins, you are left to roam freely throughout and take photos to your hearts content. The architecture, complete with a number of roman sculptures and old  buildings really give you a taste of old Rome. Its full of old temples and government buildings with insane architecture.

3. The Spanish Steps

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To my despair the Spanish Steps were under construction on my visit.  Reenact Roman Holiday and perch atop the steps with gelato, or you know, cartwheel off them ala Lizzie McGuire.  The Spanish Steps are often adorned in flowers and their iconic baroque design has made them the location for several movies and a meeting place for locals.

4. Eat all the Gelato

Thats all. Theres a gelato place on every corner, with a new exotic flavour pairing so there are no excuses. Also the hot chocolate is the super thick kind that is a dessert in its own right. 

5. Eat all the Pizza too

Not only was food surprisingly cheap around Rome, but we decided to splurge on our last night and went into the centre for food ( which was uh-mazing) .

6. Visit  the Vatican Museums/ Raphael Rooms

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Word for the wise, completely ignore all of the salesmen trying to sell you tours on the way up to the chapels. Its cheaper and faster to buy tickets at the Chapel, and will not take you all day to get into them contrary to said salesmen's pitch. You really have to cover up in the Chapels, warm weather or not, I opted for a jumper ( huge mistake), i suggest something lightweight, that covers your knees, shoulders and isn't too low neck. 

7.  The Sistine Chapel

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Home to “The Last Judgement” and “The Creation of Adam” , the Sistine Chapel is well worth the wait and the walk.  The Sistine Chapel is regarded to be one of the greatest artistic masterpieces ever, whilst the ceiling depicts Michelangelo interpretations of 7 stories from Genesis.

8. The Cat Sanctuary

An actual cat sanctuary!  I visited this everyday, the Torre Argentina is home to about a hundred cats lounging around on ruins.

9.  Make Wishes at the Trevi Fountain

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The Trevi fountain is Rome’s largest and most famous, it is tradition that visitors throw a coin into the fountain, ensuring that they will return to Rome one day.

10. Visit Piazza Navona at Night

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The square is filled with shops, bars , street performers and artists and is a must see at night time!